Blood Moon

Blood Moon

Blood MoonThe earths shadow
drifting in waves
the luna in umbra
I am the Blood Moon

© djmrakiey / All rights reserved

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A place breaths time

A place breaths time simply to cleanse your consciousness and will Serenity. © djmrakiey / All rights reserved

Yellow Miracle

The sun has shed a layer of skin and fashioned a flower out of it. the painted petals of Hope…

Breaking of Dawn

Dawn Blue  Break, that sky, To the machine in the metal. © djmrakiey / All rights reserved

BadWater Basin

Badwater Basin - Death Valley, lowest point in North America

Writing on the Wall

You can clean away the graffiti place cameras on the wall but one thing that you can’t destroy…

Under the Lilac tree

Under the lilac tree A purple sunset inspire the soul to release the past embrace new ideas…

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